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Posted by on Nov 12, 2019 in News, Software | 0 comments

Music Video Maker: review

Music Video Maker: review

We see lots of memories lying with our relatives captured to keep moment that is enjoyable with us for the lifetime, advancement in technology and the rush to better than the other has appealed Music Video Maker to create a great slideshow of such memories. You must be thinking that the slideshow will be simple without any further added on feature. Well, you are wrong as Music Video Maker allows you to slideshow memories with music and different types of effects available to choose, all you need is to choose the pictures part of the slideshow and link it with amazing soothing music for an overwhelming moment of joy. For you to relax, while creating your very own video, it would be fun to stream some movies at

The video maker is special as you can gift those memories in a unique way to your family and friends with easy share option. Slideshow editing task can be done on the go with easy steps taken, you should not be the expert in MS Powerpoint to create a slideshow. To download the app you can click on the below available link

How does it work?

You must be thinking about using the app, well let us assure you that using the app is great as enjoying a game. Following steps are needed to follow in order to create your video list based on the slideshow of photos and memorable songs. • The first thing after opening the app is to select photos and videos from gallery or any Photoshop app in order to add it in your music video. • After choosing pictures and videos, the next step is to set the timing of music with different available filters part of the app. • Your amazing yourself created music video full of memories and emotion is ready, you can share it with friends as options of sharing is available as an option in the app. • If you don’t want to share your own created music video, you can also place it in a private folder. Features of downloading the Music Video Maker • The viewing of photos is no more scrolling right and left, using the app you can create different filters by choosing different filters to make photos go alive without being an expert in the task. • The streaming of video is in your hand, with amazing options available part of the app, you can decide the speed of the video as fast or slow as per your own condition. The way you like it the best you can make it that way. • Not only this the amazing app offers other great options as it allows the user to edit videos created with different settings. For example, you can add slow motion feature to the video or choose the option of time lapse or can move it with hyper speed. • The option to share the video created is available inside the app, once you are done with editing, you can share it with your friends through social media easily. • The Music Video Maker is easily compatible with all the devices.

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