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Posted by on Apr 18, 2020 in News | 0 comments

Google Maps – To Use Artificial Intelligence For The Prediction Of ETA And Traffic

Google Maps – To Use Artificial Intelligence For The Prediction Of ETA And Traffic

Recently, Google has announced that the company is thinking to use artificial intelligence minds to collect historical traffic data. Based on which the google maps will predict the traffic on the path. However, the previous predictions of traffic are accurate for over 96%. According to some reports, the company can also introduce dark mode in applications. That is easily visible at night and also causes less harm to the eyes.

Google’s parent company Alphabet has owned a London-based technology company that is used to design the artificial intelligence program. It will help in giving accurate results to the users. According to reports working of the program is entirely depends upon historic data of places. The program is also capable of predicting the future traffic on the roads. One can see the information about live traffic on the Android devices. 

For more accuracy, google maps are collecting the data from government authorities. To know the working of program real-time feedback is considered from users. The historic data will help in making the pattern of the database. So, that prediction could be possible. Inaccuracy occurs due to the Estimated time Arrival. To tackle with this google uses the graph neural networks. It is also a type of artificial intelligence in which an advanced algorithm is used.

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According to news, google maps are thinking to introduce dark mode in the application. Until now users can only use the dark mode in the navigate option. After the application of new technology, the user can use the dark mode in the full application. The APK version of the application is already installed at the play store. 

  • The new update of google maps comes with a new option in setting that is “Appearance” in which you have three options for the display that is dark mode, default with the theme of the device, and light theme. It is just amazing and according to reports, the dark mode gives more comfort to locate the destination. For a colorful display, one can choose a light theme option.
  • Due to the corona pandemic, many people searching for an N95 mask for sale, also,  the historic patterns of paths are changed. It creates difficulty in predicting the traffic. To tackle with these various experts are working on new technology. That will recognize the pattern of the last two-three weeks and accordingly predicts the traffic. The ETA has shown improvement in various places in the world. Through the application of neural networks, the accuracy of the google map is increased by up to 98% in almost every country.

Today, we cannot imagine the world without artificial intelligence, and google maps is a great example of it. The introduction of new features makes google maps more comfortable to use and one can enjoy the journey with more accuracy. However, in this modern era every day we will see new advancements and updates in applications. That will lead to more comfortable features that make life easier. For more information on updates, one can visit the official website of Google.

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LCP Certification: What is Linux Certified Professional Certification (LCP) and how is it valuable?

LCP Certification: What is Linux Certified Professional Certification (LCP) and how is it valuable?

LCP Certification stands for Linux Certified Professional Certification and represents a benchmark to employers that the holder has reached a high level of knowledge of the Linux operating system.

Linux is a free operating system based on the kernel (the core or nucleus of an operating system) that was created by Linus Torvalds with the help from developers from around the world. The freedom of Linux is guaranteed under the GNU General Public License, which makes the source code freely available to anyone.

The stability of Linux is widely acknowledged. Linux is also versatile as it can be installed on anything from a network server to a home PC, and at a much lower cost than other vendor software packages. The versatility, cost effectiveness and stability of Linux have all contributed to its increasing popularity. As big name corporations and government agencies around the world strive to be more efficient and profitable, so the attraction of an operating system such as Linux becomes all the more obvious. As the migration continues to Linux, IT professionals and managers will need to have the necessary knowledge and skills to support the Linux operating system.

That’s where LCP Certification comes in. Achieving LCP Certification is your badge to the world that you have a professional competency as a Linux professional. LCP Certification, or to give it its full title, SAIR Linux and GNU Linux Certified Professional (SAIR being responsible for providing the certification program), requires one of two exams to be completed successfully, Linux Installation and Configuration (code 3X0-101) or Linux System Administration (code 3X0-102). Each exam comprises 50 questions and has a pass mark of 74 percent.

As the name implies, both the 101 and 102 exams test the knowledge and skills which are required to administer and support systems and networks based on Linux. Suggested pre-requisites to developing the knowledge necessary to pass either of these exams is two years’ experience with other operating systems and an understanding of basic computer concepts, including familiarity with basic computer terminology.

Equipped with this knowledge and experience, you are then in a position to study for both these exams. The three main methods are through the free Linux knowledge base available on the Internet. If you prefer a more structured approach to your studies, you can use the many books and instructor-led training course which are available.

Linux certification does not end with LCP Certification; it forms a stepping stone to more advanced (and therefore more marketable) Linux certifications. Linux Certified Administrator status is obtained by passing both the 101 and 102 exams, as well as two other exams: Linux Networking and Linux Security. All four exams form part of what is known as Level One. Passing all exams at Level One is a prerequisite to taking on the four exams at Level Two: Linux Core Concepts and Fundamentals, Apache Webserver, Samba Filesharing and Sendmail Mail Systems. Successful completion of the Level Two exams confers Linux Certified Engineer status.

By investing time (without necessarily much in the way of hard cash) in the LCP Certification, you can be assured that you are laying the building blocks to a strong knowledge and skills base for an operating system that is becoming increasingly popular around the globe.

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Here Are The Biggest Technologies Trends You Should Consider!

Here Are The Biggest Technologies Trends You Should Consider!

If you want to know about the trends and biggest development in terms if technology then you might have heard about artificial intelligence. It is considered as one of the biggest evolutions in terms of technologies. As a reason, almost all the big companies have started exploring it because it comes with an AI-based system as well as it is beneficial for their business too. It requires a service platform through which you will be able to get the access of providers. 

There are a lot of new technologies formed and changes have been made with time and it is necessary to do such things. As a reason, it is beneficial as well as changes is required so that an individual doesn’t only needs to work on limited functionality. If you only stick to the data networks then you might not get the ability to access through all the things completely without waiting and buffering. There’s also some innovations happening in the men care landscape. GroomingCorp is taking men care and grooming to whole other level. 

The biggest technologies trends formed as:

It is important for you to know about all the biggest technologies trends formed here by only. As a reason, through this you will get an idea that what are the things which are available in the market in terms of technologies. Considering and reaching through these technologies acquires a lot of knowledge as well as coding skills. 

  1. An autonomous driving: a lot of people consider an autonomous driving because it excites an individual as well as it is beneficial to go through a lane-changing driving. Taking regulators as well as changing laws, is also important and thus out of the technical world, it is important to know about such things. As a reason, you will get to know about new technologies and development which have taken place in terms of all the existing infrastructure made here.
  2. Computer vision: with a vision, it become easier to identify all the places as well as objects. As a reason, in a computer system, all the information is stored only in visual images such that by using your smartphone you will capture your face and take photographs here everything is stored in a visual manner. Further, there are a lot of tools as well as technologies are been used through which the users are increasing day by day for using all such things.
  3. Extended reality: all the new and trending technologies are considered in the extended reality as a reason, it is based on virtual reality through which a user will get a immersive experience in terms of using technologies as well as using digital objects for forming all the things out there. It helps in accessing through smartphones and displaying all the things through which computer will generate information with the help of headsets. 

Last words,

In the above section, I have listed all the information regarding the biggest technologies and trends formed in the upcoming time slots. By going through an autonomous driving, computer vision and extended reality you will get the idea for acknowledging things in a right manner.

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