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Posted by on Apr 18, 2020 in News | 0 comments

Google Maps – To Use Artificial Intelligence For The Prediction Of ETA And Traffic

Google Maps – To Use Artificial Intelligence For The Prediction Of ETA And Traffic

Recently, Google has announced that the company is thinking to use artificial intelligence minds to collect historical traffic data. Based on which the google maps will predict the traffic on the path. However, the previous predictions of traffic are accurate for over 96%. According to some reports, the company can also introduce dark mode in applications. That is easily visible at night and also causes less harm to the eyes.

Google’s parent company Alphabet has owned a London-based technology company that is used to design the artificial intelligence program. It will help in giving accurate results to the users. According to reports working of the program is entirely depends upon historic data of places. The program is also capable of predicting the future traffic on the roads. One can see the information about live traffic on the Android devices. 

For more accuracy, google maps are collecting the data from government authorities. To know the working of program real-time feedback is considered from users. The historic data will help in making the pattern of the database. So, that prediction could be possible. Inaccuracy occurs due to the Estimated time Arrival. To tackle with this google uses the graph neural networks. It is also a type of artificial intelligence in which an advanced algorithm is used.

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According to news, google maps are thinking to introduce dark mode in the application. Until now users can only use the dark mode in the navigate option. After the application of new technology, the user can use the dark mode in the full application. The APK version of the application is already installed at the play store. 

  • The new update of google maps comes with a new option in setting that is “Appearance” in which you have three options for the display that is dark mode, default with the theme of the device, and light theme. It is just amazing and according to reports, the dark mode gives more comfort to locate the destination. For a colorful display, one can choose a light theme option.
  • Due to the corona pandemic, many people searching for an N95 mask for sale, also,  the historic patterns of paths are changed. It creates difficulty in predicting the traffic. To tackle with these various experts are working on new technology. That will recognize the pattern of the last two-three weeks and accordingly predicts the traffic. The ETA has shown improvement in various places in the world. Through the application of neural networks, the accuracy of the google map is increased by up to 98% in almost every country.

Today, we cannot imagine the world without artificial intelligence, and google maps is a great example of it. The introduction of new features makes google maps more comfortable to use and one can enjoy the journey with more accuracy. However, in this modern era every day we will see new advancements and updates in applications. That will lead to more comfortable features that make life easier. For more information on updates, one can visit the official website of Google.