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Posted by on Jun 2, 2020 in Linux | 0 comments

Why is Linux better than other operating systems?

Why is Linux better than other operating systems?

There are many operating systems available that you can have in your compute; the most popular operating system is Linux. Many OS is based on Linux operating systems like the Android operating system; this means that Linux is the foundation on which Android is built. This operating system is used worldwide because it is the most reliable, stable, and secure operating system. Software developers choose Linux.

Linux’s most important aspect and why it is famous is that this OS is wholly open-sourced; this means that the code to create is available for free and open to the public to view. You can also edit or contribute to the operating system’s code if you are skilled enough. Linux is like other operating systems like Windows and macOS, as it also has an interface to have communication between hardware and software. It also offers us basic applications like word processing, video-editors or photo editors, etc. In addition, you could also play your favorite sports betting games via

Linux offers us functionality like other operating systems, but Linux is different because it is totally customizable. You can experiment with it and change the aspects, which will not be offered by any other operating system. Linux term is generally used with the Linux operating system with a pinch of GNU software to control the computer easily. Another thing in which people are confused that Linux and Unix are the same or not, the answer is not they are not exact, but Linux is made from the UNIX operating system. 

Now that we know what the Linux operating system is, let’s discuss why Linux is considered over other operating systems: –

  • Cheaper: – This operating system is open-sourced, so you can easily download and install it. This makes the operating system more accessible to all as you have to do go over the internet and download it. Other operating systems demand a high cost to download the setup and for the key. So, if you are facing any kind of financial upfront, Linux can make your life a little easier. 
  • Easier to install: – If you have not built a computer from scratch, you may not have installed any operating system. Linux is straightforward to install; you do not need any kind of IT professional. All you have to install an application like any other windows application. You can keep the Windows operating system by using the dual-boot option. 
  • Tons of App: – Linux has a significant amount of app that is handy for programmers or other people. This OS comes with many useful time-saving text editors like Vim, Nano, Atom. So, if you are a programmer, it is advisable to use Linux because of it offers us an in-built integrated development environment. 
  • High-Paying Job: – If you know Linux, you can have great jobs, you have to manage the company’s server. You may land in managing cloud-based services. Basic functional knowledge will give you a great preference in any programming job.

Linux is an open-source operating system; open source means you can have it for free, and you can also have an insight into the inner structure. It is preferred over any other operating system because you have a basic GUI, and you can also customize it fully. If you have basic knowledge of Linux, you can have a great job.